New Apostolic Nuncios to Antilles and to Zambia



The Holy Father  after having appointed  H. Exc. Benjamin Phiri last year, Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata,  has done recently with our church communities two more gifts.  

In fact, the Pope has appointed  Archbishop Mgr. Nicola Girasoli, of whom we have known  in Zambia, his passion for the mission and its proximity and support for our monastic foundation, Nuncio in the Antilles;
While in Zambia has appointed Nuncio His Excellency Archbishop Mgr. Julio Murat, that our Mother Abbess and her brother  Monsignor Pio Vito have followed with great affection in the years.
It has been a great sign of the benevolence of divine Providence, through the intercession of the Virgin Mother of God and St. Joseph, patron of the Church, who will intercede for us another gift.
These appointments will make less difficult and arduous our monastic Mission in the West Indies and Africa.



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