The sudden death of His Eminence Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe

This past August we received the sad news of the death of our beloved Father, Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe.
The Mother Marianna had just returned to St. Lucia, after two months of stay in the African Mission to follow the work of the Monastery and the social annexed, and to establish a permanent community.
Right at the beginning of August, Mother Marianna had traveled to the Cardinal sick with his brother  His Excellency Monsignor Pinto, who for more than two years had not been back to Africa, because of its commitment as Dean of the Roman Rota, at the Vatican .
The Cardinal seemed to recover, so that he announced to them his intention of going on a pilgrimage to Fatima.
We retain indelibly his memory, because he was to call us in Africa in 2002 when he was still Archbishop of Lusaka, so He will always be the father of our monastic mission in Africa.
Sister Emanuela and sisters of the community in Midsupazi attended the funeral in Chipata, also to represent Mother Marianna and the community in St. Lucia.
They assured the Bishop His Excellecy George Lungu and His Excellency. Bishop Phiri of the participation also of His. Excellency Monsignor Pinto, prevented to intervene.



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