Monastic Foundation in Zambia- Africa

Social humanitarian project promoted by Benedictine Monastery






According to the Benedictine charisma, which tried to support, during the centuries, needs and values of the local Churches and all people in material and spiritual need, the community of the Benedictine Nuns coming from St. Lucia W.I., is going:
  - to assure in that territory, first of all, the service of the Laus perennis (the unending monastic Prayer of the divine Office), first source of communion with God and His people;
  - to be a school of communion, dialogue and human mutual understanding; 
  - to implement tree social activities in this new “promised land”.
This social and humanitarian activity of the Monastery may be expressed in some fields in accordance and cooperation with the Pastor of the local Church, Bishop George Cosmas Lungu Zumaire and his presbytery, religious communities and lay people of the diocesan structures.
The Article we publish, signed by Bishop Lungu, is a factual document of the common urgent call inspired also by the discussion and prayer between Bishop Lungu and Mother Abbess Marianna, while both were in Rome, with Mons. Pinto and some of the Italian Friends involved in this African Mission.






The first step will concern a strong support to the agricultural system, in order to educate local people to produce, by themselves, what they need to live and for their commercial system, either domestic or foreign.
Volunteers coming from Europe, W.I., USA, etc., will transfer their know-how to local people, in order to help them to gain a good placement in the world agricultural system.

The Project will embrace four areas or phases:

1) First help to poor farmers to sell at just price their mais (this intervention will be made through Chipata diocese).
In fact, these poor people are constraint to sell their products at low prices, and this fact condemns them to be very soon in Famine and Desperation.   

2) Project to install two Silos in order to keep corn  with an appropriate  Water System

3) School of agriculture to foster and promote diversification of hearth products (vegetables, fruits...)

4) Farm   school (to raise livestock, like cows,  pigs...)
With all necessary instruments and machines- vehicles, tractors...


The second step is the health program, which will be organized as follows:

Health Centre “Enrichetta and Aldo Michisanti”
for the following purposes:
Day assistance for urgent intervention in four types of cures:
-Eyes deseases (glaucoma, cataracts...)
-Skin deseases;
-Gynaecology & Natal urgencies;
-General Surgery.

This multiple activity will cover four periods of the year, so that Doctors and Specialists may come from abroad to spend some time for their interventions according to a previously established planning.

Formation of the Personnel (different types of nurses and sanitary assistants) to be held
in  Zambia or in Italy, USA, St Lucia WI.  

Sanitary assistance to be held by some hospitals in Italy:  blood tests; cancer tests, etc. The samples will be sent to Italian hospitals in order to have quick answers and to implement the most appropriate medical interventions or supports.

What will be privileged is not to build a material mega-structure, but more services possibly expressed in a modern concept.  


It is known, all over the world, which is Africa’s richness: the incredible multitude of children in extreme poverty. The Monastery will foster also here three multiple interventions:

- School for poor children (age 5 to 7): as pre-seminary program;

- House and school for homeless children;

- The “Villaggio azzurro”: a small city of friendship & joy for HIV  seek children.

The educational program,  will give to local children basic knowledge they need to access to public school.

Volunteers coming from Europe, W.I., USA, etc., will transfer their know-how to local teachers, either by lessons directly made in Chipata, or by using on-line systems to communicate from their own countries with them.

Buses (and mini buses) with appropriate personnel (drivers, assistants...) will ensure an efficient connection of  the living areas with the schools.

The Benedictine Motto is Peace (PAX). The Monastery will in discretion but with determination serve the people of God in Chipata and Zambia (especially the poorest of the poor) in their spirit, soul and body, according St. Benedict’s order to his monks and nuns: Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus (May God be glorified in all things Rule of St. Benedict,  chapter 57,9).

Someone may be even terrified thinking what might be the amount of money and human energies needed for an immense project like this one.

Four are the main columns that make  this missionary foundation possible and fruitful in the Spirit of God:

    • the God’s Providence and blessing, so that the glory of God may be proclaimed in serving the poor;
    • the Intercession of Our Lady Queen and Gate of Heaven: so that crowds of people may come to her Shrine to sing their  thankful praise to Her;
    • our strong humility to beware us as useless servants (Lk 17,10)”;
    • the great cooperation of all our benefactors by all kind of  little or  large donations and support. 



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