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The Benedictine Community with the Archbishop Joseph Mazombwe from Lusaka





Archbishop Kelvin Felix and Mother Abbess Marianna Pinto with our Great Benefactor the Archbishop Vacchelli and Enrichetta Michisanti visiting St. Lucia





The Benedictine Abbey in Saint Lucia has accepted the divine inspiration to implant a new Monastery in the African Nation of Zambia.
The call … came through a sign from on high…
A priest, Father Benjamin Phiri, who is at present Rector of the Major National Theological Seminary in Lusaka, while he was doing At Urbaniana University in Rome his doctorate in canon law, brought to his teacher , Mons. Pio Vito Pinto, the wish of the Archbishop Mazombwe, who was, at that time, the Pastor of the capital city Lusaka, to have in Zambia a monastic foundation of Benedictine contemplative Nuns.
The Archbishop Mazombwe had been, before, Bishop of the Diocese of Chipata, where he had built the Minor Seminary and given to it the Benedictine motto: “ora et labora” (pray & work). Who can denies the providential design?....
God has really blessed this plan with the group of the first Zambian pioneers; three of them are solemn professed (sister Benedicta OSB, sister Stefania OSB and sister Mary Lourdes OSB), four of them  are temporary professed ( sister Giovanna Battista OSB, sister Mary Elizabeth OSB, sister Mercy OSB and sister Mary Assunta OSB); two are novices, and one is postulant, meanwhile the Noviciate is open for new vocations. 
The Community has then started this long human procedure of monastic formation in view to be found worthy by the divine Providence to accomplish this Exodus from Saint Lucia to Chipata in Zambia.
These, in the same stable way of Benedictine Community life, will produce, if God spares, the same spiritual and social fruits although in a different territorial context. Because the heart of all things in a Benedictine Monastery is the primacy of God.
The Nuns faithfully to the  charisma of the ancient Order of St. Benedict, will live there Ora et Labora  -  Pray and Work and  try, together with the daily chant of the Liturgy, to  interpret humbly but firmly the urgent needs, spiritual and social, of the people around, in full communion with the Bishop and Pastor of the diocesan Community.

















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