Liturgy of the Foundation Stone

our Monastery in Chipata-Zambia

The Bishop Lungu and the Abbess Marianna Pinto show the stone


Every birth in a family is a moment of joy. It goes without exaggeration that a new worker in the Lord’s vineyard is not just a welcome development but also an offer of relief to those already laboring. Such was the exhortation by key speakers at the ceremonial liturgy at Msupadzi, on Sunday 6th December 2009 celebrated to bless the Foundation stone of the monastery of the sisters of the order of ST. Benedict. This order of cloistered  nuns has come to open a house in Msipadzi, under the auspices of the diocese of Chipata. These nuns dedicate their entire lives to praying behind the wals of their house, rarely, I mean ‘rarely’ coming out if at all. They also come to Chipata with a social development agenda as they will be engaged in agriculture, health and social work and training. These programs are expected to greatly benefit the youths and the community of Msupadzi, as they will access training and actual services in the said programs. On the spiritual side, the Benedictine nuns will offer the much needed support in the prayer battle fields against devil and his Satanist who have brought disturbance, fear and are destroying lives of many in our communities, exhorted his Lordship the bishop in his homily. Speaking at the same occasion the Mother Abbess Marianna Pinto gave thanks to God for bringing her order to Chipata, saying they had initially planned to build in Lusaka archdiocese but God wanted them at Msupadzi, Chipata. In another speech Msgr. Pinto, who is the young bother of Mother Marianna Pinto, asked the community for Unity, saying the nuns of St. Benedict promote unity and thus emphasized that the Monastery was not a preserve of Catholics but a gift to all people of God who seek him in truth as is practiced in St. Lucia where they have the Abbey, different Christian denominations gather and pray together.

The Nuncio Girasoli and the Bishop Lungu


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