"As we advance in the religious life and faith, we shalL run the way of god's commandments with expanded hearts and unspeakable sweetness of love" (regula Benedicti, Prol 49).

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The Monastery and the Church

The Holy Rule of St. Benedict says: “Then are they truly Nuns when they live by work of their hands”. The Nuns are also engaged in various apostolic works as:

- counselling;
- giving and providing a place for retreat;
- spiritual guidance;
- different forms of hospitality.

The decree on “The Missionary activity of the Church” has a strong expression: ‘Contemplative life belongs to the fullness of the Church’s presence and should therefore be everywhere established’.

The Benedictines have brought this reality to the Church in St. Lucia. They take vows of Obedience, Conversion of Manners and Stability. Stability means that we have roots in a particular place and are intrinsically bound to the life of the local Church in a way which no other religious Order does: this means that our entire life, our prayer and our work is all for the local Church. The elasticity of our Holy Rule adapts itself to the particular Church.

We not only live entirely for the Church, we are vowed to die for it and be consumed in it. Let us hope that added to the six Living Stones – pioneers’ of this foundation more and more young women will answer Christ’s call to live in the heart of the Church.

In order to give ourselves, as fully as possible, to the mission to pray without ceasing, we live and work within the enclosure of the Abbey. The enclosure functions like the permeable membrane of a cell wall that allows life to flow in and out. The stable but essentially dynamic character of our monastic life is determined by the constantly interpenetrating rhythms of prayer, work, and study.




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