..."Guest house villa st.maria"... "guest house villa st.maria"..."Guest house villa St.maria"




We seek to extend participation in our dynamism to guests whenever possible through various forms of hospitality, in accordance with St. Benedict's admonition to receive each guest as Christ.
The Benedictine motto is ora et labora: prayer and work.

Our work is twofold, including both lectio divina, which means sacred reading or study, and manual work. In the monastic tradition the texts of Scripture, the writings of the Church Fathers, and other inspired texts are regarded as fertile fields to be cultivated with the whole of one's being. The word of God, when taken in and pondered in the memory of the heart, helps us to read all our daily experiences, great and small, in the perspective of faith.
The Abbey provides a vital spiritual engine to island residents and those who seek God by becoming a Benedictine nun.
It is also place of prayer for those who come from afar and stay at the guest house, for a time of reflection, in the beutifull natural context of St. Lucia’s colors and flowers, on the Carrabean sea.         

Hospitality is like a Sacrament for the Nuns: their vocation is to live Christ  and witnessing Him  to the world around. The Nuns hear the call made by a needy world and the world hears the response made by the Nuns.
The guest house of our Abbey is open to pilgrims, religious groups and individuals seeking a place of prayer: it has 20 rooms with private bath, a conference area, a dining room and a wonderful garden on the sea.
 Not unimportant is the food: the best kitchen in St. Lucia (so they say…), prepared with love, simplicity and talent by the Benedictine community. Cleanliness and order are other signs of a well-kept home, and the nuns work well at all of it.

Guest House Villa St.Maria

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