"As we advance in the religious life and faith, we shalL run the way of god's commandments with expanded hearts and unspeakable sweetness of love" (regula Benedicti, Prol 49).







Whether an individual is ready to enter into serious discernment depends so much on her psychological and spiritual growth.
Familiarity with the monastic life, distance from the monastery, overall health, are also among the factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Discernment is a two-way process. As the woman discerns her call to the monastic life, the monastic community also discerns the woman's suitability for life in this community.
While these are general requirements, we consider each situation looking at her particular gifts and needs.


What we must seek above all is how God is working in our lives. Prayer is very important. The grace of vocation can flow only from fidelity to our Christian commitment, as a further living out of our baptismal promises.
It is crucial that a woman in the discernment process is faithful to the everyday demands of following Christ as she seeks entrance into our monastic community.
As St. Benedict asks of anyone wishing to join a monastery, the one thing necessary is that the person "truly seeks God."





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