"As we advance in the religious life and faith, we shalL run the way of god's commandments with expanded hearts and unspeakable sweetness of love" (regula Benedicti, Prol 49).

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A Benedictine abbey of nuns could be full member of a Congregation (the Benedictine Order is presided by the Abbot primate and includes fifteen Congregations each one of which is juridically autonomous and presided by an abbot President) or under the authority of the Holy See and the jurisdiction of the bishop of the place.


It is the case of the Abbey Our Lady of the Assumption in Saint Lucia, which, since its foundation in 1975 until the appointment of Mother Marianna as First Abbess, August 2nd , 2007, has been under the authority of the Holy See and of the Archbishop.

The Mount of Prayer forms an integral and vital part of St. Lucia’s reality. This community has responded to the call of God and the Church.



The nuns take vows of Obedience, Conversion of Manners and Stability, meaning that their entire life, prayers and work is all offered in the contest of the local Church, but with a strong aim towards the universal Church.

In this, is to be found the peculiar vocation of Benedictine monastic communities to be towards the world a strong school of peace.

The monastic school of dominici servitii (Holy Rule, Prologue ) is a school of humanity and even social welfare for the christian and not christian people around.


Today, the community of the Abbey Our Lady of the Assumption includes solemnly professed and first profession nuns, novices and postulants from Rome, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Martinique and Zambia.

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